Otay Quarry


When Hanson Aggregate needed to move their entire Otay Quarry operation fast with a costly deadline (San Diego Counties largest rock plant), they made one phone call to R.D. Reed. We had to move the entire quarry including rock crushers, screens, miles of conveyer and a fleet of equipment 50 miles away to it’s new location. This was difficult due to the size of the operation and the type of equipment, to be transported. There is no magic book on the dimensions of this equipment, every piece had to be measured to calculate what trailer to haul it on. No problem! Fifteen days and hundreds of loads later, the entire operation was moved ahead of schedule- ahead of Hanson’s costly

U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy needed to move TOP SECRET loads weighing in at 140,000 lbs mounted on a U.S. Navy 9- axle trailer from San Diego to the U.S. Navy shipyard in Bremerton, Washington. We got the call and said “ No Problem!” These loads were escorted by military officials the entire route. Our drivers did such a great job and worked so well with the military escort teams that they always call us now. We routinely haul them between San Diego, CA and Bremerton, WA.

Our extreme customer service coupled with many years of experience is what we attribute our success to.

Hwy 125

Washington Group
Otay River Constructors

When Washington Group/Otay River Constructors came to town to build a new freeway, they needed someone to support this project. So with a referral from a local Heavy Equipment dealer the phone call was made to R.D. Reed. From the first pieces of equipment on the job to the last pieces of k-rail to open the new freeway, R.D. Reed was the company they depended on. Supporting every trade on the project from the grading crew, hauling everything from a D-5 dozer to a fleet of 657 Scrapers to the bridge builders hauling 70’ steal beams, false work dunnage and 80 Ton R/T Cranes to the paving crew hauling entire paving spreads after/before shift so they could pave a new location in the morning. We supported this project for over 3 years from start to finish. We are proud to say that not one machine was late or incident occurred. “No Problem!”

Big Iron

When J.T.I. wanted to move a fleet of mass earthmoving equipment including a CAT 5130 Mass Excavator, a fleet of CAT 777 haul trucks, D-10 dozers and CAT 992 loaders from Escondido, CA to Las Vegas , NV, they called R.D. Reed. “No Problem!” but wait, they wanted to minimize time and money for the tear down and the build up of the 5130 mass excavator and the CAT 777 rock trucks. So we had them remove tracks and boom assembly of the machine, leaving the side pods that housed the engines on, and pumps. On the 777 rock truck we had them remove the front tires and leave the beds on. With all of these loads still at almost 20’ wide we had to work closely with Caltrans on approved routes. We hired a team of CHP and Nevada State Patrol to help us with this project. Even with the cost of the Highway Patrol escorts and the permits we were still able to save them thousands in their tear down, build up, and the costs of extra trucking. “ No Problem, just solutions”


11 Western States

We specialize in California and the 11 Western States. We also provide service for all 48 States including import and export around the world.






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We have some of the best equipment on the road from a 12-foot flatbed to haul your excavator bucket to a triple 16 nine axle to haul your 175,000-pound excavator. We have the right equipment for the job. Our fleet is extremely well maintained because we hate down time more than you do. Our entire fleet is painted to match, washed weekly and polished quarterly. We are proud of the way our fleet looks and you’ll be looking good too when your equipment rolls up on a R.D. Reed truck.


All of our trucks are equipped with a GPS system. This system tracks the truck 24/7. We can tell where your Ioad is at anytime. This makes our scheduling and dispatching much more accurate. We can send messages and dispatches to our driver via computer screen, even when there is no cell service. This system also allows accurate billing down to the minute with a paper trail for every load.


Need us to tear down, build up, or maintain your equipment? We have a fully equipped service truck available to our customers 24/7.

Specialized Services

We provide transportation solutions and service for the construction, aggregate, mining, military, industrial and any other industry that requires specialized trucking. We specialize in California and the 11 Western States. We also provide service for all 48 States including import and export around the world.

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