We provide transportation solutions and service for the construction, aggregate, mining, military, industrial and any other industry that requires specialized trucking. We specialize in California and the 11 Western States. We also provide service for all 48 States including import and export around the world.

We have some of the best equipment on the road from a 12-foot flatbed to haul your excavator bucket to a triple 16 nine axle to haul your 175,000-pound excavator. We have the right equipment for the job. Our fleet is extremely well maintained because we hate down time more than you do. Our entire fleet is painted to match, washed weekly and polished quarterly. We are proud of the way our fleet looks and you’ll be looking good too when your equipment rolls up on a R.D. Reed truck.

All of our trucks are equipped with a GPS system. This system tracks the truck 24/7. We can tell where your Ioad is at anytime. This makes our scheduling and dispatching much more accurate. We can send messages and dispatches to our driver via computer screen, even when there is no cell service. This system also allows accurate billing down to the minute with a paper trail for every load.

Need us to tear down, build up, or maintain your equipment? We have a fully equipped service truck available to our customers 24/7.

Need us to take care of it? We have great resources for any size forklift or crane that loads anything we can haul.

As in any business, the employees are the backbone and we have the best! The bottom line is we care. We have the passion to keep our company the best and the most successful around. We work to get the job done no matter what it takes. Working long hours including nights and weekends. When our drivers are hauling your equipment they understand they are representing you and your company. To keep a crew like this we provide them with the best hourly wages, benefits, and retirement.